Carnegie Mellon University

Supervisor Relationship

Your supervisor can serve as a helpful resource as you transition to your new role. Your supervisor can help you align your role with the mission and priorities of the department, establish performance goals, and identify areas for development.

Meet with your supervisor regularly, especially during your first weeks and months, to discuss:

  • departmental mission, goals, procedures and expectations
  • performance goals and expectations
  • developmental needs
  • professional development opportunities

You will also work with your supervisor to complete your six-month provisional period review [docx].


The Office of Human Resources offers programs on a variety of topics including Year One workshops for new employees, making the most of your performance review, and building the competencies necessary to your role. Take advantage of these learning opportunities to learn more about the culture at Carnegie Mellon and network with your colleagues from across campus.

Human Resources also offers information and advice on performance management and career planning. Connect with your HR Manager to discuss your career and how you can make the most of your first days and months at Carnegie Mellon.