Carnegie Mellon University

True Colors

True Colors is a user-friendly temperament and personality typing program that has been helping people of all ages understand and recognize differences that can lead to miscommunication and conflict.

In the three-hour foundational session, certified facilitators from the HR Learning and Development team and from across the university help participants:

  • Learn about True Colors including the evolution of this user-friendly tool
  • Understand themselves and others
  • Appreciate differences
  • Consider how to apply their True Colors awareness to real-world situations

Participation is available for interested teams at nominal cost ($29.95/person).

This training is suitable as a stand-alone session for team building and development and/or as part of an onsite event.

Abbreviated sessions are possible as are follow up sessions focusing on application of the concepts in real-world work situations. Please note, however, that customized sessions may require additional notice to allow for sufficient preparation and content development.