Carnegie Mellon University

Leadership Development Initiative

The Leadership Pittsburgh program, offered by Leadership Pittsburgh Inc., is a nine-month program designed to empower established senior leaders. Through expert-led sessions and collaboration with a diverse cohort, you'll gain the tools and connections to drive meaningful change in our region. Forge lasting bonds with peers who share your passion for shaping a better Pittsburgh.

Participation is available by nomination. This program is targeted toward senior leaders who have significant spheres of influence in the university and in the community and desire to expand their knowledge of the region. Participants must be willing to complete:

  • The introductory overnight retreat
  • Monthly sessions
  • The regional policy trip to Harrisburg, PA
  • Lynn Banaszak, Executive Director, Digital Transformation and Innovation Center, Cohort XXIV
  • Allen Biehler, Distinguished Service Professor of Transportation Systems and Policy, Cohort III
  • Mary Ann Blair, Director of Information Security, Cohort XVII
  • Angela Blanton, Vice President, Finance & Chief Financial Officer, Cohort XXXII
  • Donald Bonk, Consultant, Cohort XXIV
  • Anita Carleton, Director of SSD, Cohort XXVIII
  • Donald Carter, Senior Research Fellow, Cohort I
  • Rebecca Culyba, Vice Provost for Operations and Strategic Initiatives, Cohort XXXVI
  • Mary Jo Dively, Vice President and General Counsel, Cohort VII
  • Harold Ennulat, Associate Director, Program Development & Transition, Cohort XXXVI
  • Matthew Gaston, Director, AI Division, Cohort XXVII
  • David Lassman, Distinguished Service Professor of Organizational Management, Cohort XXIV
  • Colleen McCabe Mantini, Director, State Partnerships, College of Engineering, Cohort XX
  • Katharine Needham, Deputy Director and Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Project Olympus, Cohort XIX
  • Michelle Piekutowski, Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Cohort XXXVII
  • John Robert, Deputy Director, Software Solutions Division, Cohort XXXVII
  • Anna Siefken, Executive Director, Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation, Cohort XXXI
  • Barbara Smith, Chief Human Resources Officer, Cohort XI
  • Laura Synnott, Associate Teaching Professor, Health Care Policy And Management, Cohort XXXV
  • Everett Tademy, Director, Equal Opportunity Programs, Cohort XIV
  • David Thompson, Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer of the SEI, Cohort XXX
  • Stan Waddell, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, Cohort XXXVII
  • Mary Catherine Ward, SEI Chief Strategy Officer Admin, Cohort XXXII
  • Daryl Weinert, Vice President for Operations and Interim Vice President for Research, Cohort XXXVI
  • William Wilson, Deputy Director, CERT Division, SEI, Cohort XXXV