Carnegie Mellon University

Leadership Development Initiative

The Leadership Development Initiative, offered by Leadership Pittsburgh Inc., is an eight-month long program for high-potential young professionals. This creative and innovative leadership training program uses data-driven training models and provides access to experts who share their experiences. The program strengthens the bonds of this highly-mobile talent pool with others in their cohort and with the region, and serves as a retention and engagement tool for our area’s businesses and nonprofits.

Participation is available by nomination. This program is for senior leaders who have significant spheres of influence in the university and in the community and want to expand their knowledge of the region. Participants must be willing to complete:

  • The introductory overnight retreat
  • Monthly/bi-monthly sessions
  • Community impact project
  • Hollen Barmer, Senior Writer/Editor, SEI, Cohort XXV
  • Barbora Batokova, UX Design Team Lead, SEI, Cohort XXIX
  • Sarah Belousov, TechBridgeWorld Program Manager, Cohort XII
  • Cassandra Carricato, Manager of Financial Analysis and Budgets, Cohort XXVII
  • Leonard Chan, Coordinator of Student Development and Housefellow, Cohort XVI
  • Rosalind Chow, Assistant Professor, Cohort XX
  • Daniel Costa, Technical Solutions Team Lead, SEI, Cohort XXVI
  • Bryan DeCecco, Student, Cohort XVI
  • Ann English, Director of Admissions and Marketing, Cohort IX
  • Leanne Lisien, Project Manager, Robotics Institute, Cohort XV
  • Jennifer Pesci-Kelly, Director of Advancement Communications, Cohort VI
  • Andy Pujol, Manager, Compensation & Executive Compensation Programs, Cohort XXVI
  • Shannon Riffe, Director of Marketing, Communications & External Relations, Libraries, Cohort XXVIII
  • Ellen Romagni, Senior Director of Operations & Real Estate, Cohort XXIX
  • Andrea Shockling, Assistant Director of On-Campus Programs, Office of Alumni Relations, Cohort XII
  • Karl Thomas, University Advancement, Cohort V