Carnegie Mellon University

DDI Development Resources

Boost your skills and advance your career! CMU partners with Development Dimensions International (DDI), a world leader in leadership development, to offer you extensive learning resources. Explore DDI's libraries and find courses to help you excel in your role and prepare for future opportunities.

Online Learning Library (Pinpoint)

Available via single sign-on, DDI's online learning library (Pinpoint) provides access to on-demand courses covering a diverse range of topics applicable to employees and supervisors.

  • Log into Pinpoint (if not already logged into the CMU network, use your Andrew ID and password).
    • Select DDI Online Courses to view a course listing.
    • Click on individual courses to read a detailed description and agenda for each course

Instructor-Led Courses — COMING SOON

A group of HR and learning experts have become DDI certified facilitators. This means they can deliver off-the-shelf training programs from a vast library of topics, all customized to fit CMU's unique culture and academic environment.

In 2023, the Office of Human Resources piloted some courses before making them available to interested teams across the university. Once launched to the broader CMU community, there will be a minimal cost of $100/participant for materials. These courses will be another cost-effective option for leaders to invest in the development of the employees and supervisors on their teams.