Carnegie Mellon University

Civil Treatment®

The Office of Human Resources facilitates Civil Treatment® training for employees and leaders. To learn more about upcoming sessions or to schedule a training for your group, contact the Learning and Development team.

Civil Treatment for Employees

The Civil Treatment® for Employees virtual training program simulates realistic workplace scenarios, offering insights and practical skills relevant to your organization’s success. By focusing on day-to-day behaviors along with the law, this program is designed to challenge and motivate employees to consider the impact of their own behavior and encourage them to speak up when issues arise. The Civil Treatment® for Employees course is a dynamic and interactive learning experience that promotes clear understanding of your organization’s workplace standards and expectations, positively impacting workplace culture and business results in ways that align with your organization’s vision and values.

Civil Treatment® for Leaders

The Civil Treatment® for Leaders (CTL) virtual training provides leaders with the skills and insights they need to achieve positive business results and engage employees in ways that inspire their best work. Rather than focusing on the law exclusively, the program covers a wide range of behaviors to offer a comprehensive learning solution based on realistic business simulations. CTL is designed to spark new insights for leaders in how “doing what we’ve always done” is affecting results in ways they may not have considered. With simple and sustainable learning models and tools, leaders will develop skills proven to positively impact their workplace culture and business results. This training program provides insight for leaders at every stage of their careers and at every level of the organization.