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Lactation Rooms

As a service to our community members, Carnegie Mellon offers several lactation rooms for the purpose of expressing milk while on campus. These spaces are open to students, faculty, staff and their guests. Users of the space are responsible for requesting access to the space and following the guidelines for use. CMU employees are responsible for working with their supervisors to arrange for reasonable break time to pump and may contact the Benefits Office for questions regarding break time. Visitors must have a CMU sponsor to use the space.

To self-identify as needing a lactation space, please complete and submit the Lactation Room Request for Access Form.

University-Provided Spaces:

  • CUC 267 — Card Swipe Access Required
  • Gates 8214 — Card Swipe Access Required
  • INI, 4616 Henry Street, Second Floor, Room 213 — Card Swipe Access Required
  • Mellon Institute 210A
  • Posner Hall (TEPPER) A50E — Card Swipe Access Required
  • PPG 6, 14th Floor — Building Access Required
  • Wean Hall 4432 — Card Swipe Access Required

While most of these spaces are available for single use only, Wean Hall has the capacity to accommodate two users simultaneously in the space.

Please note that if you have Card Swipe Access to one lactation room, you have Card Swipe Access to all lactation rooms.

Guidelines for Lactation Room Use:

  • Understand that multiple nursing mothers have access to the space.
  • These rooms are not scheduled. Please use the "Lactation Room in Use" Door Sign [pdf] to identify that the room is in use.
  • Carnegie Mellon does not provide pumping equipment. Should you choose to leave any items in the room, know that these are not the responsibility of Carnegie Mellon.
  • Please keep the space neat and orderly. Should you notice that dispensers are out of stock or if there is a cleaning issue, please report the issue to Equal Opportunity Services.