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Local 95 Union Benefits

Members of the AFL-CIO Local 95—International Union of Operating Engineers are covered under their own contract, which specifies their benefits coverage options. Local 95 employees may also cover their eligible dependents under their health coverage.

Enrolling in Benefits

You must enroll in your benefits within 30 days of your hire. Thereafter, you may revise your elections each year during the Open Enrollment period (early June). The selections you make when you are hired, or during the Open Enrollment period, will begin on the first day of the following month and continue through June 30. Your benefit elections may not be changed during the contract year, unless you experience a qualified family or life status event. Depending on the status change, you may make changes to your level of coverage or opt out.

Benefits Plans



What it provides

Medical and Prescription

Aetna HMO (beginning July 1, 2017)

Full range of health care services to members, usually at little/no charge beyond the monthly premium. Includes prescription coverage. Enroll during Open Enrollment or when you experience a Life Status Change.

Life Insurance


Basic Life Insurance: $12,000 or 1.5 times annual salary, whichever is greater. Automatic enrollment.

Optional Life Insurance: Coverage amount and rates based on age and salary. Purchase during Open Enrollment or when you experience a Life Status Change.

Dependent Life Insurance is not available to union members.

Sick and Accident Program

MetLife for short-term coverage

Lincoln Financial Group for long-term coverage

60% salary replacement in the event of a non-work-related illness or injury. Automatic enrollment.

Short-term coverage up through 26 weeks. Claim must then be filed with Lincoln Financial Group to apply for long-term disability.

Retirement Program

Central Pension Fund:
university contributions

TIAA or Vanguard:
Supplemental Retirement Account contributions

University contributions equal to 8% of the employee's straight time hours paid (includes holidays, floating holidays, vacation, jury duty, sick leave days and bereavement leave; excludes sick and accident payments, workers' compensation and overtime).

In addition, employee supplemental accounts are available under section 403(b) of the IRS code. This allows the employee to contribute his or her own money to a retirement option on a tax-deferred or post-tax (Roth) basis.

Other Benefits

Members of Local 95 do not participate in the university's dental and vision programs. Please see your union representative for information about the programs offered through the union.

Local 95 members are not eligible for Health Care or Dependent Care Spending Accounts.

Union members are covered under the university's programs for: