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CMU faculty and staff are eligible to receive discounts on their personal Verizon Wireless service plans and accessories. Follow the instructions below to shop for new service or to register your existing Verizon Wireless account for the CMU discount. If you have any questions regarding enrollment and/or you would like assistance, please contact our Verizon Wireless Account Manager listed below.

Benefits available for CMU faculty and staff:

  • 18% off the monthly access fee on qualifying plans of $34.99 or higher
    • For single line accounts the 18% will apply to your voice plan (not applicable to smartphone data features).
    • For legacy Family Share Plans the 18% will be applied to your primary line of service or your “account level” pricing.
    • For Share Everything Plans the 18% discount will be applied to the cost of your shared data block (not applicable to the line access fees).
  • 25% off of most accessories
    • Some “specialty” items may not qualify.
  • Orders are shipped via free 2 Day FedEx

To take advantage of these great savings on wireless:

  • If you are an existing Verizon Wireless customer:
    1. Visit the Verizon Discount Program website to register for the discount and/or re-validate your employment.
    2. Click on "Existing Customers" to log in with your Verizon User ID or mobile number.
    3. You will need to submit a copy of your paystub. (Employment cannot be validated with an email address.) When submitting your paystub, you may redact all information except for your name, the date, and the CMU logo and address.
    4. Once the discount is activated, you will have access to information on all products and services on the site.
  • If you are a new Verizon Wireless customer:
    1. Visit the Verizon Discount Program website to register for the discount.
    2. Click on ""New to Verizon" to sign up using your CMU email address.
    3. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to shop using your discount.
Please do not visit a Verizon retail location to apply for the CMU discount program. The Verizon Discount Program website is the best place for registered account holders to shop.


Breanne Spring
Phone: 412.855.1124
Verizon Customer Care and Technical Support/Device Troubleshooting: 800-922-0204

If you are looking to purchase Verizon services/products for business-use (not a personal cell phone/family plan), this is managed by the Procurement Services group with government/education negotiated pricing for these purchases. For those making business purchases, please visit the Procurement Services Supplier Directory page for Verizon Wireless.