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Candace Skibba headshotContextual Thinking
82-281: Contextual Thinking - Pandemic Pop Cultures

Featured faculty: Candace Skibba

How does what you do in the classroom reflect the impact on the world that your field has?

In my courses, knowledge is not something to be consumed. Rather, it is something that is co-created between and among all of us. Students are actively engaged in evaluating course materials as well as curating and suggesting their own content. In addition, students are periodically asked as to their own learning objectives for the course so as to be better able to self-evaluate and assess. My hope is that these tools facilitate further learning and intellectual growth way beyond their time in my class.

What are some memorable projects you’ve had students do and how do they reflect your goals as an educator?

The most memorable projects that students have carried out are ones that are informed by their own interests outside of the course that they are in. When learning is enjoyable and relevant it encourages much greater growth and expression.