Carnegie Mellon University

Correy Dandoy

Correy Dandoy

Senior Academic Advisor, Information Systems Program

  • Hamburg Hall 3029
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Pronouns: she/her/hers

Office Location: Hamburg Hall 3029
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Correy advises current Information Systems students.

How long have you been at CMU and how did you get here?

I have been at CMU since 2015. Long ago, I started my career in public relations, working at agencies and in-house, but then went back to school for my master's degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education. I worked in Student Activities at a community college before coming to CMU and advising in the Philosophy Department and now in Information Systems.

What was your undergraduate major? How did you end up deciding on it?

My major was public relations. I knew I loved writing and communicating with people, and I always dreamed of being a broadcast journalist. Public relations was a good combination of journalism and job stability at the time for me. While I'm not in the field of PR anymore, I do use the skills I learned in undergrad a lot - like on our Instagram page! :)

What is a fun or surprising fact about yourself?

I love baseball! I'm a long-suffering Pirates fan. One of my life's goals is to go to all the MLB stadiums. So far I've been to 12 so I have a lot of work to do.

What activities/hobbies do you like to do outside of work and/or what do you like to do to de-stress or unwind after a busy day? 

I love exploring and adventuring with my husband and our daughter. We love hiking trails, exploring museums, trying new restaurants, and road trips. But I also love vegging out watching the Office, Parks and Rec, and New Girl.