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September 2022: Welcome Mohit Bhardwaj, Our New Postdoc!

Mohit Bhardwaj received his bachelor's degree in electronics and electrical engineering and has an integrated master's degree in Physics from BITS Pilani in India. He will soon receive his PhD in Physics from McGill University. His research interests include astrophysical transients, interstellar medium, astrostatistics, observational cosmology and radio instrumentation. He is a member of the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) where he works on a newly discovered astrophysical mystery, Fast Radio Burst (FRB). In his PhD work, he used local Universe CHIME bursts to decipher the origins of FRBs. FRBs, he believes, can provide a unique view into the aftermath of some of the Universe’s most violent events. In addition to solving the FRB origin problem, he wants to use FRBs to map the cosmic web. Finally, he is always on the lookout for unexplored enigmas of the Universe. So, if you know of any, don’t hesitate to contact him.


August 2022: Professor Tiziana DiMatteo's Research Featured in Quanta Magazine

Professor Tiziana DiMatteo's research is featured in Quanta Magazine's August 23, 2022 article by Thomas Lewton, "What Drives Galaxies? The Milky Way’s Black Hole May Be the Key". She was asked to touch on the significance the size of a galaxy and the weight of its black hole.

“This was particularly tight, and it was totally revolutionary. Somehow the black hole is talking to the galaxy,” said Tiziana Di Matteo, an astrophysicist at Carnegie Mellon University.

Read to the full Article or for more a more detailed exploration on galaxies and black holes.


November 2022: McWilliams Center Fellow Mohit Bhardwaj wins Brockhouse Canada Prize 

McWilliams Center Fellow Mohit Bhardwaj wins Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s (NSERC) Brockhouse Canada Prize as part of the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) team.

The award recognizes close to 100 people on the CHIME team being recognized for their research in science and engineering. Read more about the award and Mohit’s work as part of the CHIME team here