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Washington Semester Program (WSP) Application


Full-time undergraduates from any college and major at Carnegie Mellon University are eligible to apply.

Junior year is the ideal time to participate in the CMU/WSP. The program, however, is open to second-semester sophomores, juniors, or seniors. Students must declare a primary major before attending the CMU/WSP.

Applicants should demonstrate a strong academic record with a minimum cumulative QPA of 3.0. Exceptions may be made for students with lower QPAs based on strong recommendation letters and application materials.



Carnegie Mellon undergraduates wishing to spend a semester in Washington, DC, pursuing an internship while earning credit and completing coursework are encouraged to apply to the CMU/WSP.

Application Components

  1. The CMU/WSP online application form.
  2. A one-page essay explaining how a semester in Washington, DC, ties into your curricular plans at Carnegie Mellon and how it will contribute to your professional development. We encourage you to define your internship interests in this essay.The essay will be uploaded into the CMU/WSP online application form.
  3. Your current résumé. Please use the following worksheet and checklist to develop your CMU/WSP résumé. We recommend that you schedule a resume consultation with the Career and Professional Development Center. Your résumé will be uploaded into the CMU/WSP online application form.
  4. Meet with your primary academic advisor to discuss your curricular plans. Your advisor will need to fill out an advisor approval form.
  5. Unofficial transcript from Carnegie Mellon and official transcripts for any other undergraduate institutions where you have completed course work. You can download your unofficial transcript from SIO. Your transcript will be uploaded into the CMU/WSP online application form.
  6. Two letters of recommendation, which should be emailed to Letters should be on letterhead and saved in .pdf format. Letters should be addressed to "To Whom It May Concern" and speak broadly to your application for an internship in Washington, DC. All letters of recommendation, along with an endorsement from the program will be later forwarded by CMU/WSP staff to each internship site where you submit an application.
    • Faculty recommendation: At least one letter should come from a Carnegie Mellon faculty member who has taught you in class. The letter should address your academic performance, ability to work in varied academic settings, ability to work independently, and writing skills. The recommender should also comment, if knowledgeable, on your extracurricular involvement, service, and leadership experience.
    • General recommendation: The second letter of recommendation may be written by a second faculty member or by another referee (such as a supervisor, coach, advisor, or volunteer coordinator) who can speak to how this opportunity complements your intellectual or career interests. The recommender should also comment, if knowledgeable on your extracurricular involvement, service, and leadership experience.
  7. If you wish to be considered for a Friedman Semester Fellowship, please submit your financial aid letter from the HUB.

Application Deadline

Applications are accepted on a rolling admission basis. The final deadline for fall applications is March 1. The final deadline for spring applications is October 1. Early applications are highly encouraged.
Please reach out as soon as possible to discuss the opportunity with Ashley Barnes or Emily Half