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Office space in the nation's capital

The Carnegie Mellon Institute for Strategy & Technology's DC headquarters, home of CMU's Washington Semester Program (WSP), is located in the heart of DC across the street from the Supreme Court and the U.S. Capitol.

Our CMIST offices are located on the 5th floor of the United Methodist Building on Capitol Hill. The building is also home for a number of various organizations as well as private residences for several prominent members of Congress.

Within the CMIST office suite there are three conference rooms available to the Carnegie Mellon University community by reservation. In addition to our convenient location, these office spaces provide a secure facility with twenty-four-hour monitoring. 

To check availability or to submit a reservation request, contact Ashley Barnes, Washington Program Manager. Please iindicate the date, time, and expected number of attendees in your email. 


CMIST Conference Room

CMIST venue space - conference room

Description: Conference room equipped with 1 conference table, 1 desk table, 14 office chairs, 1 television, and a built in kitchenette.

Size: 30' x 17'

Capacity: 15 Person capacity 


CMIST Classroom 1

Description: Classroom space equipped with 10 tables, 22 chairs, 2 armchairs, 1 television, and 1 printer. Provides use of external kitchen. Has connecting door with Classroom 2.

Size: 19' x 26.25'

Capacity: 30 person capacity



CMIST venue space - classroom 1

CMIST Classroom 2

CMIST venue space - classroom 2

Description: Classroom space equipped with 12 tables, 26 chairs, 1 whiteboard, and 1 television. Provides use of external kitchen. Has connecting door with Classroom 1.

Size: 16'x41.25'

Capacity: 30 person capacity



Description: Small lobby with two armchairs and table.


CMIST venue space - lobby

CMIST Kitchen

CMIST venue space - lobby

Description: Kitchen with refrigerator, sink, dishwasher, microwave, small table, and two chairs.


Building Exterior

CMIST DC venue exterior 1
CMIST DC venue exterior 2
CMIST DC venue exterior 3
CMIST DC venue exterior 4