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I cannot seem to access C@CM through Canvas. Is there another way to log in?

Log into Canvas using the link

If you still unable to log into Canvas, please contact your course section Teaching Assistant or use the Contact Us link.

Do you have to do all of the Learn By Doing and Did I Get This? assignments if you pass the Pre-Assessment and want to go to the Exam-Readiness Quiz at the end of the unit?

You should complete all of the Did I Get This? and Learn by Doing learning activities found within the course's OLI exposition, even if you do well on a unit's Pre-Assessment.  Pre-Assessments will not contain questions based on all information found within a unit and will, therefore, not prepare you for all of the questions found in the Exam-Readiness Quizzes or Final Exam.  Additionally, you must complete all Pre-Assessments, Learning Activities, and Exam-Readiness Quizzes before being allowed to take the course's final exam. For more information about the weight given to each assignment, please review the Grading Policy.