Carnegie Mellon University

C@CM Grading

Is this class Pass / Fail or do I get a specific grade based on my activities score?

The course is Pass / Fail, which means you will not receive a specific grade; however, you need a 75% average to pass the course. For more information about the weight given to each assignment, please review the Course Policy.

What happens if I don't pass the course?

Completion of the Computing@Carnegie Mellon course is required. If you do not pass the course, you are required to enroll in another section until you have passed the course.

Do the grades of my Pre-Assessment assignments count toward my actual grade? I thought they were graded based on completion not performance.

The Pre-Assessments will be graded for completeness, not performance; meaning that you will receive credit for completing the Pre-Assessments regardless of how well you perform on the assessment. We expect that your Pre-Assessment scores will be low because you haven't received any instruction on the learning objectives being assessed at the time that you complete them.

Additionally, you will get a grade for your Pre-Assessment, but the value will not be used to grade your performance.

Do I have to complete all of the activities in the module to receive credit or just the Pre-Assessments and Exam-Readiness Quizzes?

We ask that you complete all of the Did I Get This? and Learn by Doing modules in addition to the Pre-Assessments and Exam-Readiness Quizzes.

Do you have to do all of the Learn By Doing and Did I Get This? assignments if you pass the Pre-Assessment and want to go to the Exam-Readiness Quiz at the end of the unit?

Yes. We recommend that you complete all Learning Activities in each module as appropriate.

I completed all the Pre-Assessments, and Exam-Readiness Quizzes, but they are not showing up as graded or submitted in the Grades section of my Canvas. Instead they are listed as upcoming. Have I missed something and not submitted them correctly?

The OLI and Canvas system are separate systems. You can see your grades in the main page of OLI by going through Gradebook; there you can track your progress in the course. The Teaching Assistants for the course update your Canvas grades to provide you with your progress in the course, but since you are able to see your own progress on OLI, the Canvas won't be updated.

Is there a minimum score required to receive credit for Exam-Readiness Quizzes (ERQ) as completed?

No, there is no minimum score required to mark the Exam-Readiness Quizzes as completed; however, your ERQ score is worth 20% of your final grade. You have three opportunities to take each ERQ, and only the highest grade is kept. For more information about the weight given to each assignment, please review the Course Policy.

I took the final exam early and passed the course, can I drop it from my schedule?

C@CM must remain on your course schedule so that your passing grade can be recorded. You CANNOT drop the course even if you have completed all of the course requirements. Email if you need confirmation of your passing grade sent to your academic advisor in order to overload.