Carnegie Mellon University


How do I get started on the course early?

After registering via Student Information Online (SIO), click on the Course Orientation link in the C@CM Canvas course. After reviewing the orientation materials, click on the C@CM Online Learning Initiative (OLI) Course link in Canvas (as instructed in the orientation materials). This link will take you to the online C@CM course materials.

What should I do if I don't see my C@CM Canvas course?

If you have officially registered properly, the C@CM Canvas course should appear after 24 hours. If the course does not appear in Canvas, first confirm that you are registered by viewing your course schedule on Student Information Online (SIO) and that 24 hours has passed since you enrolled.

Once you have confirmed that C@CM is on your course schedule and 24 hours has passed, send an email with your course section (i.e. 99-101 A1) to and request access to the course.

If C@CM is not on your course schedule then you were not officially registered. You'll need to contact your academic advisor for assistance with enrolling in the course.

I took the final exam early and passed the course, can I drop it from my schedule?

C@CM must remain on your course schedule so that your passing grade can be recorded. You CANNOT drop the course even if you have completed all of the course requirements. Email if you need confirmation of your passing grade sent to your academic advisor in order to overload.

I just registered for the C@CM course offered over the summer, but it lists the course in my fall schedule. How do I remove it from my schedule so it doesn't max out my units?

Even if you are completing the course over the summer, it is still technically a fall course. You have to remain enrolled in it on your fall registration. It does count towards your max units.

What's the difference between the 99-101, 99-101 X1, and Open & Free C@CM courses that I see on the Online Learning Initiative (OLI) website?

The 99-101 X1 and 99-101 courses are for undergraduate students seeking course credit (99-101 X1 is a version of the course offered over the summer). The Open & Free version is for graduate students, faculty, and staff.

If you are an undergraduate student looking to fulfill the C@CM course requirement, you MUST register for 99-101 X1 or 99-101.

If you do not follow the official process detailed above and instead go directly to the Open & Free version of the C@CM course on the OLI website, you will NOT receive academic credit for the course.

What happens if I start the course early, but I don't finish before the semester begins?

There is no penalty for not completing the course before the fall semester begins. Any work that you do beforehand will merely give you a head start on the coursework.

What if I accidentally drop 99-101 X1?

If you are planning to complete the course early, but accidentally drop 99-101 X1 from your course schedule, you’ll need to ask your academic advisor to re-enroll you in the course.