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Expanding Pathways to New Economy Careers - Build Back Better Regional Challenge

As a part of the Southwest Pennsylvania New Economy Collaborative, the Block Center is playing a central role in establishing a highly coordinated, regional upskilling system serving the regional robotics and advanced manufacturing fields, opening up a range of training options outside of traditional four-year and advanced degrees, and ensuring that programs evolve based on industry needs.

The Block Center announced the first portfolio of annual subawards for projects leading or supporting skills-focused training programs that help Southwestern Pennsylvanians secure jobs in robotics and advanced manufacturing in our region.

2023 Block Build Back Better Subaward Recipients:

The programs will leverage cutting-edge research and collaboration between the education and business communities– including regional universities as well as community colleges – to develop, test and scale technologies and training interventions particularly suitable to removing barriers to access and success for disadvantaged and underrepresented populations. In addition, they will aim to equip regional education and training providers with highly relevant and quality curricula, teaching capabilities, technology, technological knowhow and industry connections to ensure their training adequately serves the needs of the robotics and AI cluster.