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Student Government encourages the creation of new student organizations to fulfill a need or special interest on campus that is not adequately addressed by an existing organization on the Pittsburgh campus. The new recognition process exists to facilitate this.

New recognition applications are accepted on a rolling basis and may be submitted at any time throughout the year. Currently the Committee on Student Organizations is on recess until September.

In order to submit a new recognition application, you should:

  1. Contact Nina Fan, the Student Body Vice President for Organizations (, to set up an introductory meeting. The SBVPO will help walk you through the new recognition process and explain deadlines, forms, and procedures.
  2. Determine if any existing student organization on campus exists that might address the same mission or goals as your proposed new organization. Student Government's organization directory, The Bridge, can assist you in this search.
  3. Fill out the New Recognition Application, which will ask you a few questions about your membership, mission and goals, and anticipated activities.
  4. Upon submission, you will be contacted by the New Recognition Chair to set-up a meeting for you to present in front of CoSO.
  5. The New Recognition Chair or a CoSO representative will work with your organization to develop a set of by-laws or constitution that will set-up the framework and structure of your organization.
Once your application is submitted, the new recognition process is designed to give you a final decision on the recognition status of your group within one month.

Appeals Process

If your organization is not granted the status of student government recognition, you may appeal the decision of CoSO. In order to appeal:

  • You must submit a written notice of your appeal to CoSO ( within one week of receipt of the notification of CoSO's decision.
  • CoSO will schedule an appeal hearing within two weeks of the receipt of the request for appeal.
  • At the end of the appeal hearing, CoSO will vote on whether to reverse the original recognition decision made.
  • If your organization is still not satisfied with the decision, you can appeal to Student Senate or the Graduate Student Assembly

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