Carnegie Mellon University


Each of Carnegie Mellon's six undergraduate colleges, including the BXA/SHS program, has one representative in Senate per 140 students in that college. There is no limit to the number of members-at-large that a college can have. A complete listing of our representives can be found here.

Each Senate member is a part of at least one of six committees: Academic Affairs, Business Affairs, Campus Life, Communications, Finance, and Internal Development. The chair of each committee as well the Senate chair is listed below as our primary contact points.

Senate Chair

Nikki Ambalo (

Academic Affairs Chair

Sushain Cherivirala (

Business Affairs Chair

Devin Gund (

Campus Life Chair

Maitreyee Joshi (

Communications Chair

Alisha Lokhande (

Finance Chair

Shelly Balassyano (

Internal Development Chair

Catherine Huang (