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Joint Funding Committee

Each semester, Carnegie Mellon students pay the Student Activities Fee, which is currently set at $121/semester for undergradute students and $97/semester for graduate students. Most of the revenue generated by this fee, or approximately $1.3 million, is given to the JFC--a committee composed only of students--to allocate to CMU student organizations.

Every organization that qualifies for a JFC subsidy will be assigned a JFC rep, a person who will serve as the organization's voice when the entire JFC convenes in the Spring semester to discuss budget requests. Your JFC rep is your liaison to the entire committee, so please make sure that you are in constant contact with him/her throughout the year; he/she will be your first point of contact if you have any questions related to the process. Unlike previous years, JFC reps are encouraged to truly get to know the organizations they represent and work with them as a financial advisor and resource.

If you need money midyear for an event, you can apply for a special allocation from Senate, GSA, DOSA, and SDC using the Funding Common Application

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the SBVPF at

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