Temporary Employment Service-Human Resources - Carnegie Mellon University

Temporary Employment Service

The Temporary Employment Service (TES), operated by Carnegie Mellon’s Human Resources, is dedicated to providing qualified temporary office support staff quickly. TES understands your needs and retains a pool of qualified clerical, secretarial, and administrative staff who are available for full- or part-time, short- or long-term assignments at the university.

If you have questions about TES, please contact Pat Schaller, Manager of TES, at psch@andrew.cmu.edu or 412-268-7478.

Request a TES employee for your area.

How do we select and assign TES employees?

Take a look at the TES Hiring and Placement Model [pdf] flowchart for a detailed explanation of the process.

TES employees are eligible for university benefits, based on their hours and length of employment, as with other full- and part-time employees of the university. However, TES employees are not eligible for paid time off or paid holidays. All employees are required to work the minimum hours necessary to maintain benefit-eligibility status. Changes to hours or gaps in employment may result in an interruption of university benefits or a change to the benefit eligibility status.

Benefits for TES Employees