TES Frequently Asked Questions-Human Resources - Carnegie Mellon University

TES Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request temporary office support?
You may place your request at https://www.cmu.edu/ba/hr/forms/tesrequest.html. You may also contact:

What types of requests can TES fill?
TES will provide campus departments with short term or long term temporary administrative office support needs. TES employees are primarily placed in assignments performing data entry, front-desk reception or administrative coordinator duties. Our employees may also be requested for specialized projects, technical assistance or event coordination assignments.

What are the benefits of working with TES to fill my temporary need?
Our goal is to provide you with well-qualified candidates from a diverse pool of employees in the most cost-effective manner. Our employees are encouraged to continually develop their skills and abilities through attendance in Learning & Development workshops paid for by TES. We offer our employees eligibility for the part-time benefit package in an effort to attract and retain top talent.

What screening process is in place for TES employees?
All candidates are scheduled for a thorough behavioral-based interview after a phone screen. At that time, the candidate will be given a skills assessment of MS Word and MS Excel; covering basic, intermediate and advanced skills within normal use of these programs. Employment references are also provided during the interview and the TES requires a minimum of 2 positive references before considering the candidate further.

Is there an orientation process for new TES employees?
Once the interview/skills testing/employment referencing processes have been successfully completed and the employee has accepted an offer of temporary employment, we invite them to an individualized orientation session. Payroll-related paperwork will be completed at this time as well as general information sharing.

Will a background check be performed?
A criminal background check will only be completed for cash-handling positions and employees assigned to the SEI unless otherwise specified by the department.

Will my temporary employee have an Andrew account?
Yes, your employee will have an existing Andrew account or it will be requested by TES after orientation with a new TES employee and shared with you once created.

Who will oversee the administrative tasks for the employee, such as timecard processing?
The TES will manage all administrative aspects for you such as HREM transactions, creation of an Andrew account and processing of timecards. The employee will submit their timecard to you or another person you designate for review and signature at the end of the pay period or end of assignment.

Can I review resumes of potential candidates or request to interview candidates?
Absolutely. In fact, we encourage hiring managers to meet with the prospective candidate to provide more comprehensive details of the work to be done and your expectations of the temporary employee. This will also give the employee the opportunity to ask any pertinent questions ensuring a good fit.

Will I have the opportunity to hire the TES employee, if applicable?
TES employees are staff and they are eligible to be hired if a position vacancy exists, if they are interested in applying to the position, and if they meet the minimum requirements for that position. There is no minimum amount of time they need to fulfill with TES before being hired as long as they are a TES employee.

What are my options if TES does not have a suitable candidate available?
We try to balance our needs with the needs of the university, but may be unable to offer a candidate for a particular need. We maintain a close relationship with select external vendors and will call on them for assistance if needed. They will offer resumes for review and permit interviews of employees as well. There are no additional fees for this service by TES. The bill rate quoted to you will be the direct bill rate from the vendor. Our relationship with the vendor helps us ensure a reasonable bill rate. Their employees are also eligible for hire, but the vendor may require a conversion fee.