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Recruiting and Staffing Services

Attracting a diverse set of applicants is a vital part of the staffing process, and now that you have identified a need in your department, it's time to find the right person to complement your group. Recruiting is more than placing your vacancy on the Carnegie Mellon career site. It includes identifying a diverse set of people that have various strengths, backgrounds, experiences, and talents that can expand the competencies of your group. Here are some of the services we offer to help you hire the right candidate:

  • Understand your needs and objectives
  • Post the position to external print & web sites to attract a diverse set of applicants
  • Pre-screen applicants based on your criteria
  • Search internal and external resume databases to increase applicant pool if necessary
  • Proactive recruiting, including creating candidate pipelines for high turnover positions

Recruiting and Staffing Services is available to help you through the entire process of developing a hiring plan. Contact Nikhil Shirali to discuss how Staffing Services can assist you.