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Recruiting and Staffing Services

The foundation of Carnegie Mellon's success is the exceptional faculty and staff who work here. By bringing together a diverse group of people, we have benefited from the differing skill sets, experiences, perspectives and strengths that each person brings. In our collaborative and entrepreneurial environment, we enable people to work together in exciting and productive new ways.

However, finding the right talent to staff your department can be a challenge. 

  • How do you let the best candidates know about your open jobs and encourage them to apply?
  • How do you scan through the many applications and identify the best potential hire?
  • Which questions should you ask to ensure you are getting the best candidate?
  • Which features about the university and your group will induce the right candidate to accept your offer of employment?
  • How do you get new hires off to the best start?

Recruiting and Staffing Services can assist you in developing a recruiting plan and help you through the entire process of finding, interviewing, hiring and welcoming the best talent.

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