Domestic Partners-Human Resources - Carnegie Mellon University

Domestic Partners

Carnegie Mellon extends benefits to same- and opposite-sex partners of employees who meet certain eligibility criteria. 

For the purpose of receiving coverage under the employee's benefit plans, Carnegie Mellon defines a domestic partnership as a relationship between a Carnegie Mellon employee and another individual that meets the criteria below:

  1. Both parties are 18 years of age or older and are able to contract at time of registration.
  2. Neither party is legally married to nor the domestic partner of any other person.
  3. The parties are not related by blood to a degree that would bar marriage in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  4. The relationship has been entered into voluntarily, willingly and without reservation.
  5. The partners have been in a committed relationship as a couple for at least twelve (12) continuous months prior to registration of the domestic partner relationship. The relationship is intended to continue indefinitely.
  6. The relationship includes mutual support, mutual caring and commitment, and mutual responsibility for each other’s welfare in the nature of a domestic partner relationship.
  7. At least three of the following circumstances exist: Joint lease, deed or mortgage agreement; designation by the employee of the other party as primary beneficiary on a life insurance policy or retirement contract; designation of the other party as the primary beneficiary in the employee's will; durable power of attorney for property or health care issues granted to the other; joint ownership of a motor vehicle, joint checking account or joint credit account; or mutual legal responsibility for the care of a child.

Registering a Domestic Partnership 

Read the Domestic Partner Registration Packet. Take special note of the tax consequences of enrolling in your benefits a domestic partner who cannot be claimed as dependent by the IRS for tax purposes. (You must use the paper enrollment forms to register a partnership. Once the relationship has been registered, you can use HR Connection going forward to make benefit elections/changes.)

The packet contains the guidelines regarding eligibility criteria and information about the benefits and tax consequences of Domestic Partner benefits. It also contains all of the document(s) required to initiate or terminate a partnership and enroll the partner in benefits. Each Domestic Partner Registration Packet includes:

  • Registration Statement of Domestic Partnership for Insurance Benefits
  • Termination Statement of Domestic Partnership
  • Benefits Enrollment/Change Form
  • Domestic Partner Certification for Dependent Tax Status