Strategic Plan-Environment at CMU - Carnegie Mellon University

Strategic Plan

Carnegie Mellon University Strategic Plan 2008 includes language to address multiple environmental dimensions of sustainability including “Transitioning to an Environmentally Sustainable Society”. 

"Research and Education on the Environment" was declared one of four strategic thrusts for Carnegie Mellon in 1998 strategic plan and reiterated in the 2008 strategic plan. Based on a 2002 Subcommittee Report, the Trustees of Carnegie Mellon recommend that:

The goal of environmental work at Carnegie Mellon should be to change the ways the world thinks and acts about the environment, through our educational and research methods and results, through the issues we raise, and through the outcomes we produce. We must adopt a broad viewpoint in this work. Environmental issues have important technical, economic, and social dimensions, dimensions that are joined, not separate. We should build upon our collaborative strengths in science and technology (including information technology), design, economics, and the social and policy sciences. We should apply these capabilities to the principal environmental problems of the 21st century. In so doing, our focus will center on critical issues for building a sustainable, green future, primarily by pursuing multi-disciplinary themes and outcomes across Carnegie Mellon's colleges.

To learn more about the Strategic Plan, visit the Strategic Plan 2008 website.