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About the Green Practices Committee

"The Green Practices Committee will strive to develop university practices that improve environmental quality, decrease waste and conserve natural resources and energy, thereby establishing Carnegie Mellon as a practical model for other universities and companies."

As part of the Carnegie Mellon strategic initiative to enhance the scope and impact of our education and research programs related to the environment, the Environmental Practices Committee (EPC) was charged in April 1999 by President Cohon to develop a plan for an expanded environmental practices program on campus.

The EPC identified areas of opportunity for an expanded environmental practices program at Carnegie Mellon through study of the current state of environmental practices on campus, initiatives at other college campuses and discussions with various Carnegie Mellon groups.

Opportunities are grouped into three categories:

  • Campus Life
  • Facility Infrastructure
  • Transportation 

Green Practices Committee Meetings 2017-18

General Body Meeting 12:00-1:30pm

July 31, Sept 25, Nov 27, Jan 29, Mar 26, May 29            

Working Group Meetings 12:00-1:30pm

June 26, August 28, Oct 30, Dec 18, Feb 26, April 30, June 25

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