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Energy and Water Management

Real Time Data

Resident Hall real-time daily electricity data for Boss House, Donner House, Hamerschlag House, Henderson House, McGill House, Mudge House, Scobell House, Stever House and Welch House will be available during our annual energy conservation challenge.

Pittsburgh Synergy Center Data: The solar house used for the 2005 Solar Decathlon was reassembled on campus. The house generates all of it's own power to operate, and exports power back to the grid!

View the Sunny Portal  Live Data for the Solar Array @ 407 S. Craig Street or visit other Sunny Portal public sites

Carnegie Mellon University is under contract for the purchase 120 mWh of Renewable Electricty Credits (RECs) for the period Jan-Dec 2011, which is the equivalent to 100% of the university's electricity requirements.  View our EPA Green Power Partnership rankings and those of other colleges and universities!