What Can be Recycled?-Environment at CMU - Carnegie Mellon University

What Can be Recycled?

These are all of the materials you can recycle on campus and the locations you can recycle:

What is Recyclable? A Quick Guide pdf

Recycling Guide Flyer pdf

University Recycling Policy

Green Room - University Center

Glass & Plastic Bottles, Aluminum & Steel Cans, Office paper, Newspaper, Cardboard, Paper Board, Phone Books, Transparencies, Cell Phone's, Batteries, Compact Disks, Jewel Cases, Ink-Jet, Toner or Laser Cartridges and Athletic Shoes.

Indoor Recycle Bins - Located in most campus buildings

Newspapers & Magazines, Mixed Office Paper/ Phone Directories

Aluminum & Steel, Glass (all colors) & Plastic Containers (milk, water, juice & pop bottles, yogurt, dairy tubs, detergent bottles, empty food containers).  Cartons: (milk, juice, ice tea, lemonade) can be placed into the bottle & can recycling bins.  No plastics less than 2"x 2" ( bottle caps or lids, straws & coffee stirs).

Outdoor Receptacles

Bottles & Cans & Cartons


Cardboard (Set next to paper recycling bins)


Bottles & Cans & Cartons


Computers, Electronic Waste, Media, Cd's, Ink Cartridges, Cell Phones

Scrap Metal & Furniture

Recycling at Home