Carnegie Mellon University
Individuals parking on CMU’s campus are subject to the university’s parking policies [pdf]Our policies help preserve access to on-campus parking and protect those who park at the university. Those who violate the policies may be subject to fines and penalties, vehicle immobilization or towing.

Parking Violations

The university recognizes three types of parking violations, each subject to different levels of penalties and actions.
  • General parking violations [pdf] include improper parking, parking in reserved spaces and failure to report campus accidents to the CMU Police Department. Please note that any vehicle exceeding 5 feet, 2 inches in height is not considered a subcompact vehicle. View our FAQs for details about subcompact cars.
  • Hazard parking violations [pdf] include driving on campus grounds or sidewalks without proper authorization, parking in a designated fire lane and driving in excess of the campus speed limit.
  • Disability parking violations – Vehicles occupying disabled parking spaces must display proper registration, such as a hang tag, temporary disabled permit or a state-issued disability placard or registration plate. Due to the severity of this violation, the violation fine will not be reduced, and the citation cannot be appealed.

Enforcement and Penalties

Drivers should be familiar with our internal enforcement [pdf] parking rules to avoid citations and penalties. Repeated violations, hazard violations and non-permit violators may be handled using external enforcement [pdf] means, as outlined in the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code. 

Parking tickets can be paid in person at our East Campus Garage office, online or by check/money order mailed to the address on the ticket envelope. Tickets can also be appealed online – directions for this process are included on the reverse side of your citation. 

Towed or immobilized vehicle on our campus? Contact our office for assistance.