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Sexual Misconduct

Sex-based discrimination is being treated worse in your education or employment on the basis of: biological sex; gender identity or expression; and/or sexual orientation. 

Sexual misconduct is an extreme form of sex-based discrimination. Carnegie Mellon University prohibits all forms of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassmentsexual assaultsexual exploitationdomestic and dating violence, and stalking.  The University also prohibits retaliation (or taking negative actions against a person) in connection with reporting sexual misconduct. (Carnegie Mellon University's Interim Sexual Misconduct Policy)

Below you can learn more about each form of sexual misconduct, what to do if you have been impacted, read over some frequently asked questions, how to support a friend and strategies for risk reduction.


Consent is a voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity which is demonstrated through mutually understood words or actions. Consent must be knowing voluntary, active, present and

Dating and Domestic Violence

Dating or Domestic Violence is any act or threat of physical or sexual violence made against a dating or sexual partner, spouse or family member.

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault is a physical, sexual act against another person without their consent. This includes a range of acts including unwanted groping, fondling and penetration.

Sexual Exploitation

Sexual Exploitation is taking sexual advantage of someone without consent, or violating someone’s sexual privacy without consent.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is unwelcome conduct or cues of a sexual nature whether verbal/aural (sounds), visual/graphic e.g., pictures and videos), physical, Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Work Environment.


Stalking is engaging in a pattern of conduct or communications, directed at one person, that causes fear of harm or emotional distress.


Retaliation is a negative action to punish for or deter a person from making a good faith Title IX report and/or from participating in the University’s Title IX process.

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