Carnegie Mellon University


The Office of Title IX Initiatives offers and/or coordinates general educational programs for members of our campus community in a variety of settings including: in-person programs during incoming freshmen orientation, incoming graduate student orientation, and department meetings and staff meetings, and online trainings for staff and faculty, undergraduate and graduate students.  Education and prevention programs are also offered through the Health Promotion team in University Health Services.


The Office of Title IX Initiatives offers and/or coordinates training programs specific to certain roles on campus, including student facing staff (housefellows and college liaisons), student leaders (residential advisors, community advisors, orientation counselors), law enforcement, and health and mental health professionals.

Request an Educational or Training Program

If you'd like to request an educational or training program, please contact us at 412-268-7125 or  We are happy to bring programs to all members of our community in almost any setting (classroom, floor or residence hall meeting, department meetings, orientation programs, et cetera).