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The Office of Title IX Initiatives offers and/or coordinates general educational programs for members of our campus community in a variety of settings including: in-person programs during incoming freshmen orientation, incoming graduate student orientation, and department meetings and staff meetings, and online trainings for staff and faculty, undergraduate and graduate students.  Education and prevention programs are also offered through the Health Promotion team in University Health Services.


The Office of Title IX Initiatives offers and/or coordinates training programs specific to certain roles on campus, including student facing staff (housefellows and college liaisons), student leaders (residential advisors, community advisors, orientation counselors), law enforcement, and health and mental health professionals.

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The Office of Title IX Initiatives is always striving to provide educational and prevention programming throughout the school year. During the summer months, we focus heavily on training members of our community that are on campus in Title IX and our role as an office within the university.

Due to COVID-19, we are working on creating interactive content that we can deliver virtually and in a remote setting to our campus community and partners. If you are interested in bringing a Title IX program and presentation to your area, please complete the form below!


The University is committed to preventing incidents of sexual misconduct before they occur wherever possible. These efforts include raising awareness, providing education and training programs, and providing campus safety initiatives including police and security patrols.  

At the individual level, there are practical strategies for reducing risk of sexual misconduct, but it is important to note that no strategy can fully eliminate the risk of sexual misconduct, and that it is never your fault if you are sexually assaulted or otherwise harmed by sexual misconduct.

All incoming first-year students receive sexual misconduct prevention and risk reduction programming as part of Orientation, including online programming by Everfi. 

All incoming graduate students are strongly recommended to take sexual misconduct prevention and risk reduction programming as part of Orientation, including online programming by Everfi. 

All new staff receive a short presentation about Title IX and sexual misconduct as part of the New Hire Orientation. 

All incoming faculty and staff are required to take an online harassment prevention program from United Educators within thirty (30) days of hire. 

Throughout the year, the Title IX Office (in conjunction with on- and off-campus partners) offers various programs and trainings for students, staff and faculty to attend voluntarily or as requested by a department, student organization, residence hall, or other group, including:

  • Programming about Title IX, including the University policy, reporting expectations, and how to support an impacted party, that can be customized based on your needs for 30, 60 or 90 minutes of content (or more or less if needed).
  • An interactive 30-45 minute workshop on sex-based discrimination in education and employment, including second generation forms of discrimination (such as unconscious bias and micro-aggressions), with practical suggestions for prevention and response.
  • An interactive 60-90 minute workshop on what sexual harassment looks like, why it matters, and what can be done about it.
  • An interactive 45-60 minute workshop on healthy, unhealthy, and abusive relationships.
  • An interactive 45-60 minute workshop on consent and communication.
  • An interactive 45-60 minute workshop on assertiveness.
  • Green Dot Bystander Intervention Training.
  • Other programs by request.


We are working with key campus partners to build a comprehensive, scaffolded prevention strategy (CDC 2016, UN 2018).