Carnegie Mellon University

Sexual Exploitation

Sexual exploitation means intentionally or knowingly taking sexual advantage of another person or violating the sexual privacy of another when Consent is not present. This includes, but is not limited to, the following actions (including when they are done via electronic means, methods or devices):

  • engaging in sexual voyeurism including observing or permitting others to witness or observe the sexual or intimate activity (e.g., disrobing, bathing, toileting) of another person without that person’s consent;

  • engaging in indecent exposure, or exposing intimate parts (including genitalia, groin, breasts and/or buttocks), or causing another to expose intimate parts when consent is not present;

  • recording or distributing information, images or recordings of any person engaged in sexual or intimate activity in a private space without that person’s consent;

  • prostituting another individual;

  • causing Incapacitation of another person (through alcohol, drugs or other means) for the purpose of compromising that person’s ability to give consent to non-consensual sexual activity; or

  • actively aiding or assisting another person in committing an act of Prohibited Conduct.