Carnegie Mellon University


The University is committed to primary prevention to prevent incidents of sexual misconduct before they occur wherever possible.   These efforts include raising awareness, providing education and training programs, and providing campus safety initiatives including police and security patrols.  For more information about campus safety initiatives, please visit the University Police Department website

At the individual level, there are practical strategies for reducing risk of sexual misconduct, but it is important to note that no strategy can fully eliminate the risk of sexual misconduct, and that it is never your fault if you are sexually assaulted or otherwise harmed by sexual misconduct.

Education & Prevention Programming

The Office of Title IX Initiatives is always striving to provide educational and prevention programming throughout the school year. During the summer months, we focus heavily on training members of our community that are on campus in Title IX and our role as an office within the university.

Due to COVID-19, we are working on creating interactive content that we can deliver virtually and in a remote setting to our campus community and partners. If you are interested in bringing a Title IX program and presentation to your area, please email us - - to discuss potential options.