Carnegie Mellon University

Accept, Reduce or Decline Loans

In order for any financial aid funds (scholarships and/or loans) to disburse to a graduate student's account, they must accept or decline all federal loans included in their financial aid award. The amount of awarded loan funds may also be decreased. The process is simple:

  • Log in to Student Information Online (SIO) and select 'Financial Aid Status/Award' under the Finances tab
  • Select 'Go to portal' on the right side of the screen to log in to your financial aid portal
  • Once you are logged in to the portal, select the 'Accept Awards' tab to accept, decline or decrease your loans

In order for scholarship and loan funds to disburse to your student account in a timely manner, it is important to take the above action as soon as possible after receiving an award letter. 

Student Account Refunds

Student account refunds are distributed at the end of August in the fall semester and in late January for the spring semester. For quicker access to refunds, we recommend designating a bank account for electronic refunding in SIO.