Carnegie Mellon University

Sponsor Billing & Third-Party Payments


Sponsored billing occurs when an entity, government or a third party assumes responsibility for all or part of a student’s educational expenses. Sponsors pay the university directly on behalf of the student with an agreement, commitment and/or obligation between the paying party and the student.

Scholarships/grants and pre-paid college savings plans (529) are not considered sponsors; separate processes are used for these types of payments. 

Graduate Students: Non-university living expenses cannot be paid through student accounts. Funding for these expenses must be arranged directly between the student and sponsor.


Follow the steps below to participate in the sponsored billing process:

1. Each year, a Sponsor Billing Authorization (pdf) form must be completed by an authorized representative of the sponsor and submitted to the Student Accounts Office by the following date (based on your first semester of sponsorship in the academic year):  

  • Fall: August 15
  • Spring: January 15
  • Summer: May 15

2. Upon receipt of a completed Sponsor Billing Authorization form, students receive a Sponsored Student Information Release form via email. By completing and returning this form, the student authorizes the university to share student account information with the identified sponsor. This release of information remains in effect indefinitely, unless revoked in writing by the student.


Sponsor invoices will be sent after the course add/drop deadline each semester. All invoices will be emailed to both the sponsor and student, unless directed otherwise. Course add/drop deadlines can be found on the Academic Calendar


If notification of sponsorship is not received by the dates listed above, the student will be held responsible for any interest that accrues per the Student Financial Obligation Terms.

Any expenses not covered by the sponsor are the responsibility of the student and are to be paid in full by the stated due date on the student account invoice.

If a sponsor does not make the promised payment, for whatever reason, the student is responsible for any remaining balance, as defined in the Student Financial Obligation Terms.


Carnegie Mellon may in its discretion amend or change the Sponsor Billing terms/process at any time and from time to time. You will be bound by any such amendments or changes, and should review these terms periodically for any such amendments or changes.