Carnegie Mellon University

529 Plans

529 Plans are not considered sources of outside support, as funds originate with the student’s family.

529 Payment Procedures

Students should follow these steps to ensure proper processing of 529 plan payments:

  1. Download your upcoming semester course schedule and invoice from Student Information Online (SIO) and send the documents to your 529 Plan Administrator. CMU does not invoice 529 plans directly. These plans can accept the student invoice from the student/parent directly.
  2. Review student account activity in SIO to monitor for payment arrival.
  3. Consider requesting an extension of your student invoice deadline if your payment will not arrive before the deadline. Complete the 529 Payment Extension Request (pdf) form for each semester in which you want the extension (semester deadlines are documented on the form). You’ll also need to attach a verification that your 529 payment has been requested.

529 Payment Remission

529 Plan checks should reference the student’s name, Andrew ID and invoice number, if possible. Checks should be made payable to Carnegie Mellon University and sent to:

Student Accounts Office
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Warner Hall A19
Pittsburgh, PA 15213