Carnegie Mellon University

Monthly Payment Plan

The monthly payment plan allows students and families to pay amounts due to the university in manageable monthly installments and provides the convenience of enrolling and making payments online through Nelnet Campus Commerce (previously TMS). Check, Automated Clearing House (ACH), and phone payments with a credit card are accepted. Credit card payments are subject to a non-refundable 2.5% convenience fee.


  • Families have the flexibility of reducing or increasing their semester budgets accordingly if a balance is due to the university or if there is a credit balance on the CMU student account
  • CMU will communicate to students/payers via email each semester if their payment plan requires adjustment

Additional Information

  • Undergraduate/graduate plans are available to undergraduate students and graduate master's candidates. Plans are available for the fall/spring only with an enrollment fee of $40. Please visit to enroll. Fall plans do not roll over to spring. Enroll each semester during open enrollment 
  • Health Insurance only plans are available to departmentally supported PhD candidates annually with an enrollment fee of $20
  • An Andrew User ID is required when logging into the Nelnet Campus Commerce website. Your Andrew User ID is the prefix of your Carnegie Mellon email address. For example, andrewc2 is the Andrew User ID for
  • Nelnet Campus Commerce representatives do not have access to specific CMU student account information due to FERPA regulations
  • The university only provides Nelnet Campus Commerce with cost of attendance information
  • CMU receives Nelnet Campus Commerce adjustment files every day; changes made to a payment plan will appear on the student's account within two business days
  • IMPORTANT: Students with a Monthly Payment Plan administered by Nelnet Campus Commerce and a resulting student account credit balance will not receive a refund from the university until their Nelnet Campus Commerce contract is paid in full. The Student Accounts Office recommends that students in this situation contact Nelnet Campus Commerce for a budget adjustment.

Have a monthly payment plan inquiry or need plan adjustment assistance? Contact Nelnet Campus Commerce directly at 800-722-4867.nelnat