Carnegie Mellon University

Join us for the inaugural University Exchange with PwC, April 26-27, 2023, in Simmons Auditorium, Pittsburgh Campus.

  • Learn from preeminent thought leaders in AI and leave armed with the network and know-how to transform your organization with human-led, tech-powered solutions.
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In 2020, due to the limited availability of summer internship opportunities for our Heinz College students because of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Digital Transformation and Innovation Center of Carnegie Mellon University created a summer research program to give students an opportunity to work within multi-disciplinary teams to help address real-life business issues through innovation. Students were hired as full-time Research Assistants to conduct research in collaboration with PwC.

The Summer Research Program at The Digital Transformation and Innovation Center covered research projects in a variety of topics and industries and was divided into four phases:

  1. Market Overview
  2. Deep Dive on Chosen Topic
  3. Prototyping
  4. Presentation 

Please see below for a complete list of Summer Research Projects (*denotes summer topic explored further in a Fall 2020 funded research project).  

1. *Anomaly Detection in Large Volumes of Transactional Data

2. Business Applications of Causal Models

3. *Cloud Benchmarking and Maturity Model

4. *Collaborative VR

5. Document Data Capture

6. *Financial Crime Risk

7. FutureForward:  Architecting the PwC of Tomorrow. Today.

8. Improving WfH Workforce Performance

9. IoT/IIoT Anomaly Analysis

10. Public Health Return to Work Policies

11. *RegTech - Control Descriptions

12. *RegTech - Depth

13. Resilience Stress Testing / Recovery Testing Simulated Environment

14. Star Chart - Knowledge Graph Project

15. VR Platform Evaluation