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updated-24_univ-ex_comms-email-banner_04.png The 2024 University Exchange will address the evolving AI landscape and its direct implications for business. A primary focus of the program is tackling the intrinsic challenges surrounding trust, accountability, security and return on investment (ROI) that often accompany AI implementations.  We will also cover the Biden administration’s executive order on artificial intelligence and its call for new standards, funding, training and enforcement to mitigate AI risks, while also paving the way for the technology's widespread adoption. Finally, on Friday, we’ll dive deep into some practical real world AI tech experiences impacting business now and in the near term. 

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In April 2023, CMU and PwC held the inaugural University Exchange focused on The evolution of AI, trust and value.  The sold-out program included dozens of senior executives, CMU Faculty and thought leaders. The program also featured the CMU/PwC Digital Transformation and Innovation Center, to highlight the ongoing research across the spectrum of AI applications to help business leaders boost productivity, increase profits and enhance experiences in a responsible manner. 





 Other Past Events: dtic-summer-program-2020-inforgraphic.png

In 2020, due to the limited availability of summer internship opportunities for our Heinz College students because of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Digital Transformation and Innovation Center of Carnegie Mellon University created a summer research program to give students an opportunity to work within multi-disciplinary teams to help address real-life business issues through innovation. Students were hired as full-time Research Assistants to conduct research in collaboration with PwC.

The Summer Research Program at The Digital Transformation and Innovation Center covered research projects in a variety of topics and industries and was divided into four phases:

  1. Market Overview
  2. Deep Dive on Chosen Topic
  3. Prototyping
  4. Presentation 

Please see below for a complete list of Summer Research Projects (*denotes summer topic explored further in a Fall 2020 funded research project).  

1. *Anomaly Detection in Large Volumes of Transactional Data

2. Business Applications of Causal Models

3. *Cloud Benchmarking and Maturity Model

4. *Collaborative VR

5. Document Data Capture

6. *Financial Crime Risk

7. FutureForward:  Architecting the PwC of Tomorrow. Today.

8. Improving WfH Workforce Performance

9. IoT/IIoT Anomaly Analysis

10. Public Health Return to Work Policies

11. *RegTech - Control Descriptions

12. *RegTech - Depth

13. Resilience Stress Testing / Recovery Testing Simulated Environment

14. Star Chart - Knowledge Graph Project

15. VR Platform Evaluation