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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

CMU Grads' Distillery Hitting Shelves for 1st Time

A distillery that started as an entrepreneurship class project at Carnegie Mellon University will be hitting store shelves for the first time, joining the ranks of national, well-known brands of vodka, rum and gin.

Midnight Madness Distilling has been serving local bars and restaurants in its two-year history. Now based in the Quakertown borough of Bucks County, the creator of Faber Craft Spirit and its line of vodkas, rum and gin, will be hitting the shelves of a number of Fine Wine & Spirits stores in Pennsylvania.

"We ended up taking a little while to get our products out there and get our prices to where we want them to be," owner Anthony Lorubbio said. "It wasn't high enough quality in the early goings. We took our time for product development." Starting Jan. 11, the distillery's spirits will be available in 26 stores throughout the state, including four in Pittsburgh. Read More»

By: Kenneth Hilario