Project Olympus Announces the 2015 Spring Spark Grant Award Winners-Project Olympus - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, March 30, 2015

Project Olympus Announces the 2015 Spring Spark Grant Award Winners

Five PROBE Projects were awarded a $5,000 dollar micro-grant from the Spark Grant Fund.  These grants are made possible through charitable contributions from alumni and Friends of Olympus.

Carbon Freight develops ultralight pallets and containers for the airline industry that uses as little as half of the fuel burn of traditional containers, while also decreasing the labor and cost of container repairs.

Hyliion is creating add-on hybrid modules for tractor-trailers that will reduce fuel consumption updwards of 20%, improve a driver’s quality of life and safety, and reduce harmful greenhouse gas admissions.

Nebulus Audio is a real-time project management and arrangement platform for making music.  Musicians can find other musicians to collaborate to help finish their projects or add talent to other’s songs, all while making collaboration as fast and as simple as possible.

NoRilla is a mixed-reality educational platform bridging physical and virtual worlds to improve children's science learning and enjoyment in a collaborative way. It uses depth camera sensing to provide immediate personalized feedback while children experiment in their everyday physical environment.

VIT is a consumer electronics company focusing on bringing the advancements of medical and biotechnology to the masses. VIT aims to change an industry lacking consumer-driven designs and functionalities by providing simple, elegant solutions. The company’s first product is a smart knee brace for Total Knee Replacement patients.