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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Aura Wins $25,000 and Business Bout

A pair of Carnegie Mellon University industrial design students want to make the city's streets safer and more beautiful, and they aim to do it one bike at a time.

The duo behind Aura took home the $25,000 Business Bout for their idea to put LEDs on bikes. The lights not only illuminate the bicycle on the street, but they turn from red to white depending on speed. When the bike moving slowly the lights are red, kinda like the red brake lights on cars, and when the bike traveling faster the lights are white.

The project started two years and is led by Ethan Frier and Jonathan Ota. There is a team of four people developing the project, which has also been working with Project Olympus at CMU. Frier and Ota are both seniors and expected to graduate this semester.  Read More...

 By Malia Spencer/ Pittsburgh Business Times