*Project Olympus Announces the Winners of the Spring 2013 Spark Grant Awards-Project Olympus - Carnegie Mellon University

Thursday, April 18, 2013

*Project Olympus Announces the Winners of the Spring 2013 Spark Grant Awards

Five PROBE Projects were each awarded a $3000 micro-grant from the Spark Grant Fund.

  • Baloonr - A user-generated content web application that allows anonymous vetting of ideas/content, with the hope that it will be “pumped up” by enough reviewers to “take off.”
  • Lightside Labs - Tools for automated assessment of text data using machine learning and natural language processing.
  • PieceMaker Technologies - a 3D Printer designed for personal use within the mass market of the general public that will create a world where every individual has the power to create.
  • Schema Fusion - One-stop information hub with integrated and visualized data for high efficiency building management.
  • Vendalize - A local search tool crowdsourcing tags to increase the visibility and relevance of neighborhood business and culture.

The Olympus Spark Grant Fund helps students kick-start their business ideas.
The Olympus Spark Grant fund is funded by charitable gifts from alumni and other community donors. Students submit proposals and practice 'pitching' the donors. Donors play a vital role in helping Olympus evaluate the students' applications and making award decisions. This is an ongoing grant fund where donors can begin their participation at any time.