*Foot-powered phone charger among Project Olympus innovations-Project Olympus - Carnegie Mellon University

Thursday, October 4, 2012

*Foot-powered phone charger among Project Olympus innovations

Olympus student project Sole Power will help you charge your cell phone by walking. Show-and-Tell is not just for kindergarten anymore. It's a concept even a Ph.D. can grasp.

This evening Project Olympus, the Carnegie Mellon University incubator for companies in the embryonic stage, is showing off some of the latest ideas to come out of the former horse stable that houses the program.

One of the promising ideas to be featured is a system to charge a cell phone by walking, a project developed by Matt Stanton, 22, from Rich, Bucks County; and Hahna Alexander, 22, from Ithaca, N.Y... Read More

By: Ann Belser / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette