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Mary Parker

November 01, 2017

Parker Helps Keep HR Staff in Step

By Bruce Gerson

Mary Parker is a valuable human resource for Carnegie Mellon University.  

As manager of administrative operations for Human Resources, Parker handles a wide range of duties for CMU’s 50-member HR team. She is the building manager for the team’s headquarters, which includes Whitfield Hall, 319 S. Craig Street and two suites in the UTDC building. She processes purchase order requests, completes expense reports, buys office equipment and supplies, books meeting locations and facilitates desktop support for her colleagues.

She also helps with the onboarding process for new HR hires, helps to plan and execute departmental special events, like the summer outing, holiday luncheon and Benefits & Fitness Fair, and provides administrative support to her fellow HR employees when needed.

“My goal is to help make HR as productive as possible by managing the daily building and administrative concerns so team members may focus on their respective responsibilities,” Parker said. “I believe my role allows the staff to feel appreciated in a positive working environment.”

Parker often interacts with departments across campus, including Telecom, Computing Services, CulinArt and Environmental Health & Safety. As a building manager, she works with Facilities Management and Campus Services (FMCS) on a daily basis.

“FMCS — we’re best friends,” she said.

Parker enjoys the variety of her duties and helping others.

“I love this job. It’s never the same, and it’s very rewarding when I complete a task and help others. I try to make new hires feel welcome by having everything in place. I like everything I do in this job. I really do,” she said.

In her spare time, Parker enjoys line dancing and attends line-dancing classes once or twice a month. She also is an avid walker.

“I put forth an effort to walk every day at lunchtime and on the weekends. I walk miles,” she said.

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