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Jeremy Bremer

November 14, 2017

Bremer Helps You Work Through Workday

By Bruce Gerson

If you have a question about your payroll deductions, benefits or how to make adjustments through Workday, Jeremy Bremer can help.

Bremer is one of three Human Capital Management specialists at the CMUWorks Service Center. He and his colleagues can help with a variety of functions, like updating benefits due to a change in family status, altering tax deductions by modifying W4 forms, or adjusting contributions to retirement plans. They also can help if you have questions about navigating through the Oracle financial system, filing expense reports or making transactions with a university purchasing card.

“There are some instances that can be confusing. A lot of what we do is make people feel comfortable about their choices or how to actually make those changes,” Bremer said.

A big part of his job is helping new employees with the onboarding process.

“I get to talk to people who are brand new to the university. We have the opportunity to welcome everyone. That includes students, faculty and staff — anyone who works at CMU. It’s nice to build relationships with people,” he said.

Bremer’s busiest days are paydays, which come almost every week as employees are either paid bi-weekly or monthly, and graduate students are paid semi-monthly.

“You have to have your game face on when it’s payday. People will always have questions and concerns and I want to be sure I’m ready to provide them with whatever information I can to help. It’s game time, opening night — you can pick your metaphor,” he said.

Bremer never knows what to expect or who may be calling or emailing.

“I could pick up a call and it could be anyone, from the president to a work-study student. I have the ability to provide people with information that explains something to them and that makes them feel better,” he said.

On two occasions each year, employees’ initial concern turns to jubilation. Twice each year, staff on a bi-weekly pay scale receive three pays during the month. The third pay does not include deductions for benefits.

“They start the phone call worried they didn’t pay their benefits and then that worry turns to elation. They’re laughing, cheerful and telling me they’re going out to dinner that night,” he said.

Outside of the office, Bremer enjoys theater and long-form improv comedy. He can be seen at the Steel City Improv Theater in Shadyside, where he produces original shows and performs regularly with his team, “The Deep End,” and his wife most Friday and Saturday nights.

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