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June 15, 2017

Personal Mention

Roberta StempfleyRoberta G. (Bobbie) Stempfley has been named director of the Software Engineering Institute's CERT Division. Stempfley previously was director of cyber strategy implementation at MITRE Corp. and acting assistant secretary and deputy assistant secretary in the Office of Cyber Security and Communications for the Department of Homeland Security. She also has worked in the Department of Defense (DoD) as CIO of the Defense Information Systems Agency and as chief of the DoD’s Computer Emergency Response Team, which she established. A recipient of many awards, she was recognized by Information Week as one of the Top 50 Government CIOs. Learn more.

Reeja JayanMechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Reeja Jayan was awarded the Berkman Faculty Development Fund for her work in developing a sensor that quickly scans food for potential allergens, namely gluten. Such a device would be hugely useful to anyone afflicted with celiac disease, given that they cannot consume gluten. Five years ago, Jayan was diagnosed with celiac disease, a condition wherein gluten proteins trigger an autoimmune response to attack the small intestine, therefore barring her from the consumption of any and all gluten. Her goal is for the sensor to be deployed onto a smartphone platform for both convenience and efficiency.

David KauferDavid Kaufer, the Mellon Distinguished Professor of English, co-authored the new book, "Memories of Lincoln and the Splintering of American Political Thought.” In the aftermath of the Civil War, republicans and democrats who advocated conflicting visions of American citizenship could agree on one thing: the rhetorical power of Abraham Lincoln’s life. This volume examines the debates over his legacy and their impact on America’s future. Learn more.