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Joe Provenza

December 13, 2017

Provenza Delivers Value at Every Stop

By Kelly Saavedra

Every mail delivery holds value for Joe Provenza in Postal Services.

While the former armored car driver is not moving money at the university, he recognizes the value his deliveries hold for his campus customers.

“Here at Carnegie Mellon, the campus community treats me really nice, and I have a great rapport with my customers,” said Provenza, who joined CMU Postal Services in 1992.  “I provide great service to them, and we have a mutual understanding that if they need something, or if something’s wrong, I help them as fast and as best as I can.”

In his free time, he keeps in shape through weight training and tinkers in his garage making modifications to his Chevy Colorado truck.

“I like to add neat, little things to my truck to make it nicer or possibly run better,” he said.

Provenza is a member of the Shriners, an organization that raises money to help families who have a child with medical issues. He and his wife, Kim, who works in the Heinz College Dean’s Office, enjoy taking annual trips overseas with the Shriners. Most recently, they have traveled to Spain, Italy and France with the group.

“It’s a great cause to be involved with because you’re helping other people that are disabled and cannot afford health care,” Provenza said.

He said he is happy the Shriners have branched out to help military families as well.

“We fundraise for the soldiers that are wounded, to help them with health care, to help their family with medical bills, food and whatever is needed,” Provenza said. “I’m a positive person. I like being helpful. And I see that organization as being a help to society.”