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February 04, 2016

Personal Mention

Ryan SullivanRyan Sullivan (right) and Venkat Viswanathan (below) have received the National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development Award (CAREER). The CAREER program offers the foundation's most prestigious awards in support of junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research and education.

  • Sullivan, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering and chemistry, was awarded a five-year grant to study the effects of chemical aging on the ice nucleation properties of natural and anthropogenic atmospheric particles. His research will improve our understanding of how air pollutants alter the ability of atmospheric particles to cause clouds to freeze. The grant will support educational modules for K-12 teachers to introduce students to the chemical science and measurement of air pollution, acid rain and cloud forming reactions.
  • Venkat ViswanathanViswanathan, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering, was awarded a five-year grant to study engineering electrode-electroyle interfaces through electrolyte selection for improved performance in lithium-air batteries and fuel cell electrocatalysis. Viswanathan seeks to improve discharge capacity and rechargeability in lithium-air batteries. His findings could have an impact on other metal-air battery technologies such as sodium-air, magnesium-air and potassium-air. His grant will support his statistical thermodynamics massive open online course with 3-D printed learning kits.

Dudley ReynoldsDudley Reynolds recently delivered opening remarks at the International Conference on English Language Teaching at Qatar University. Reynolds stated that English language teaching “empowers individuals in a world where multilingualism is not just an asset or expectation, it is a necessity.” Reynolds is a teaching professor of English at Carnegie Mellon Qatar and president-elect of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) International. He asserted that TESOL International is committed to supporting the highest quality of teaching, a goal that depends on the collaboration of policymakers, educational providers and professional associations. “This conference is an example of such collaboration, and I applaud you,” he said.

George LoewensteinGeorge Loewenstein has received an honorary doctorate in behavioral economics from the City University of London. Loewenstein, one of the founders of the field, received the honor for his many major research contributions that have focused on applying psychology to economics, including decision-making over time, the role of emotion in decision-making and “out of control” behaviors such as impulsive violent crime and drug addiction. He is also one of the early proponents of a new approach to public policy called "asymmetric" or "libertarian" paternalism, and his most recent research focuses on applications of behavioral economics to public policy, with special emphases on health and climate change. Loewenstein is the Herbert A. Simon University Professor of Economics and Psychology. Read a City News Q&A with Loewenstein

Brian HillBrian Hill, Carnegie Mellon’s director of Student Accounts since 2008, has been named director of Student Financial Services. In this newly configured position in the Division of Enrollment Services, Hill will continue his role in the Student Accounts Office, as well as lead and manage the Student Financial Aid Office. “The creation of this new position reflects confidence in Brian’s ability — based on his proven track record in Student Accounts — to apply a strategic lens in support of student enrollment and persistence, to deliver on business practice improvements, to implement successful services, systems and communication strategies, and to progress the division’s operations consistently in significant ways,” said Lisa Krieg, associate vice president and director of Enrollment Services. Hill also will continue his role as director of Campus Affairs Technology Innovation at CMU.